The first appereance of the beast took place during the metalboom that took the country by storm during late 80´s. Yeah, the era when:
-Metallica released Master of puppets and Slayer Reign in blood.
-Metal massacre-festivals raised blood, havoc and burning cars at Helsinki´s legendary Lepakkohouse.
-No internet. No cellphones. No cd:s. Just brutal fucking new generation of metal spreding through the nation. On vinyl or tape. Hand to hand. Door to door. Stage to stage.

The Hirvi was one of the central acts of Hellsinki scene. Known as a maleovently energetic live-act with complicated riffs and songstructures the band rised up from playing youthclubs to venues and festivals in a short timeline. Awarded on several bandcompetitions the band was just about to sign with Spinefarm records when they broke up. The beast then vanished into forests of history with nothing to show of it´s existence besides but 3-song demo-EP. That is until now.

Get ready bitches.

Thousands of poros are still under his command.

The beast is back.

And it´s raging like a motherfucker from hell.